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Team building

Building a team is a fundamental activity in people management, that invests on people, a fundamental asset to produce results in terms of  effectiveness and efficiency. So, team building produces improvement in individual performances and in the company’s results.
As a result, it increments cohesion, a good work environment and the performance.

Action learning

Undertaking a course of personal and organizational learning, bringing a result and developing competence.
Therefore, action learning is meant to solve problems rooted in the application and elaboration of knowledge, in the confrontation with colleagues, with team work or in the acquisition of new knowledge.


Participate, present your work, discuss, confront and then we design and answer together to the questions of the teams, of the company, and the people.
So, work Shop is the actual form of the training: concrete, active, engaging and participated. It produces actions, solutions, projects,  organizational integration and sensemaking

Professional community

Knowledge is a capital for the company and an asset for the people therefore it needs to be shared, updated, produced and innovated with a continuous integrative learning system that is integrated between the different jobs. Consequently professional community is the actual form of training that, using a specific method, produces sharing and development of the organizational “know how”

Play to work: Ulisse, choice and risk

Teams and people meet in the space of unconventional learning, they experiment paths based exclusively on concrete experiences of action and relations.
Surely “nothing is more serious than playing” using games through which is possible to develop your managerial skills obtaining both tangible and intangible results.

Diversity management’s actions

Menagement diversity is the present and future of any company, handling diversity is now the managerial task to make business. Diversity in: gender, job, schooling, origins, language, ethnicity (etc) can either be an advantage and a value or an obstacle. Workshops, communications and encounters produce belonging, integration and overcoming of stereotypes

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