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Storytelling define us. So here’s the story behind Meti.

Meti was a Titaness daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, Zeus’ partner and mother of Athena.
The Myth narrates that Meti gave to Zeus the powerful emetic to administer to Chrono. So Chrono after drinking the potions threw up all his sons and daughters he had previously devoured.

Zeus, being attracted by Meti chased her, and before giving in she assumed many shapes to escape him, but finally she was caught and fertilized.

An oracle of Gaea then prophetised that Meti would have a daughter. But if she was to ever have a son he would have ousted Zeus as he did with Chrono and Chrono with Uranus.
Fearing this would happen Zeus, after lying with Meti, suddenly opened his mouth and swallowed her and this was the end of Meti.


In time Zeus was caught by a terrible headache as he was walking on the shore of the lake Tritonis, and he felt like his cranium was about to burst. He screamed out of pain so loudly that the other gods all came to aid and Hermes instantly guessed what the cause was. Therefore Hermes persuaded Hephaestus, in some traditions Prometheus, to take an axe and open Zeus’s skull. From the opening Athena emerged in a full set of armour.

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