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Blu ocean: process, activity, people, organization

Reading, analyzing and making interventions on the configurations within an organization in order to grow, develop or solve critical aspects/problems by understanding the links and the relationships existing between the various elements which compose the organizational system: processes, activities, structures, teams and roles.

Hence it orientates decisions, prepares for change and empowers people.

Evaluation of the organizational roles

Understanding the relationship between the demands of the task and people’s resources starting from their job and profile.
Knowing the “acting role” and the value chain between those who hold organizational positions.
Therefore it’s important clarifying and sharing the expectations on the results. The actions, the requirements and the managerial competences.

Career path

Think and design a path, provide the HR with a map to accompany the people by valor axing talent and offering to everyone a chance of professional growth.
So tt orientates the decisions negative management ” both vertical and horizontal and those of profession development of short/ medium term with tools and methods to favor involvement and transparency.

Management audit

A Management Audit project allows to analyze the style of decision making, the managerial models and logics, the performances and the competences of the managers guiding an organization.
Consequently it is an essential choice to understand whether one has the necessary means to achieve the wanted results in developing the company.

Assessment of live and online resources

People and competences are our most essential asset. It is therefore necessary to know them through the evaluation of their managerial potential and to identifying people and talents. The evaluation of potential produces clear results to help making decision and govern the Talent Management system with method, equity, transparency and effectiveness.

Performance and MBO evaluation

Performance System to grow, innovate, develop consciousness, proclivity and responsibility. As a result, it is the most concrete aspect of the necessary integration and communication between managers, collaborators and the company. An effective Performance Systems produce improvement and responsibility towards the results and recognition to the team and the people, satisfaction and trust.

Junior and senior recruiting, evaluation and selection on demand

In any area and organizational position it is first of all the right people who cam make the difference.
Indeed knowing how to select them in an effective way is therefore a priority. The recruiting process therefore allows to get in touch with the best candidates and, through evaluation it is possible to scout the talent corresponding to the perfect match between competence, personal motivation and the requirements of the company.

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