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Blu ocean: process, activity, people, organization

Reading, analyzing and making interventions on the configurations within an organization. Why? In order to grow, develop or solve critical aspects or problems. We can do it by understanding the links and the relationships existing between the various elements which compose the organizational system: processes, activities, structures, teams and roles.

It orientates decisions, prepares for change and empowers people.

Change, development, reengineering

Tutoring companies with interventions, researches, actions in projects of change, of development and of reengineering.
Like competitiveness, efficiency, organizational integration.
Sharing the methodology and the tools to best suit the organizational culture and objectives.

Generational change

An effective generational change happens through the integration between the past and the future of the practices and of the managerial logics of those who led the company. Besides the innovative drive of those who will be responsible of the future results. It is fundamental to support the development of the new generation and to attend to the company with strategic objectives.

Psychosocial research

A research within the organization is the opportunity to begin courses of listening and confrontation, consciousness and intervention. Through the methods and tools of psychosocial research it is possible to collect and re-elaborate. What? For example spinions and perceptions people have on various themes of the organizational life. Like culture and processes, environment, people’ satisfaction, welfare, work related stress, leadership and fellowship, motivation and engagement.

Leonardo lab

“Experience is the only teacher we have”.
Leonardo Lab is a concrete and digital experience that allow as the teams to learn and experiment methods and tools to develop innovative projects.
Leonardo Lab produces real project that are coherent with the organizational needs and detailed action plan for their realizations.

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